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  • TIPster - Student[s] attending TIP; One who attends TIP Summer Studies
  • RC - Residential Counselor
  • RAG - Residential Advisory Group
  • TA - Teaching Assistant
  • OSC - On-Site Coordinator
  • OSD - On-Site-Director
  • Mao - a Card game... it is forbidden to discuss the rules
  • ERS - A popular card game at most TiP campuses. Be careFUL when you slap though!
  • BS - a card game played by all TIPsters (unless there are too many so you play Spoons and after that well there's nothing you can do).
  • NTP - not TIP-propriate
  • Baby TIPsters - a TIPster with an above average intellect who has skipped multiple grades
  • RAtionTIP - TIP relationship between two RCs, two TA's or an RC and a TA
  • TIPression - the Post-TIP depression most people suffer from 49 weeks of the year
  • TIPsickness - moments of extreme TIPression variously throughout the 49 non-TIP weeks of the year
  • TiP Baby - Baby conceived between two TiPsters
  • Quarantip - Term particularly relevant to 2009; the quarantining of TiPster(s) for reasons of sickness
  • RoadTIP - A road trip in planning that is set for summer 2011 and is particularly relevant to UGA 2010 term 2 TIPsters
  • TIPlation - A persons relationships with fellow TIPsters; see RelationTIP
  • TIPtastic - adjective used to describe something so fantastic that it's worthy of "TIP" being placed in its description (Synonyms: TIPsation, TIPmazing)
  • TIPness - Quality in TIPsters possessed in varying degrees
  • TIPstory - The history of a certain person at tip, sort of like that person's legacy, although this is much more general, considering it includes anything and everything ever said or done by that person at tip
  • TIPpaparazzi- A tipster who takes an inordinate amout of pictures while at tip, these pictures must include many, many creeper pics of random people.
  • TIPpassion/TIPpassionate- A tipster who is extremely devoted to TIP can be described as so.
  • Fingerfencing - A dangerous game where it's strength vs cunning.
  • TIPeople - Any and everyone you meet at TIP not limited to but including RCs, TAs, Admin, and other TIPsters
  • - fantastic things at TiP