The Front Hug Incident

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An incident that occurred during the third week of Term 1 at Duke West 2015 involving the Boom Squad, which is now universally hated by RCs at West. (This fact should be self-evident: the Boom Squad is fun, and RCs hate fun, so by the transitive property, RCs hate the Boom Squad.)

During free time on June 22, Jason, a member of the Boom Squad and Becca, also a member of the Boom Squad, engaged in the most scandalous of all banned practices: the dreaded front hug. Instead of letting this be, like any sane person would, an unknown RC (Royal Chach), literally ran through the halls of the dorm, chasing the member of the Boom Squad back to his room, and causing much noise and commotion. Said Royal Chach then chastised the Boom Squad for the commotion, ignoring the glaringly obvious fact that she was the cause of it all. The Boom Squad responded in typical fashion, following the Royal Chach throughout the dorm and chanting, "I'm an RC and I hate fun," interspersed with cries of "I'm an RC and I hate hugs!"

The Front Hug Incident solidified the Boom Squad's place as the most hated RAG, and further proved the fact that RCs do, in fact, hate fun in all of its forms.