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The Tip Plague, also known as the Black Death, the TIP DEATH, and *coughgagcoughdie* is a common event at TiP where, upon the arrival of one sick TiPster, illness begins to spread throughout the entire campus. Due to the tight quarters and malnutrition common at many campuses, the contagious quality of it is multiplied. While it generally only consists of a runny nose and sore throat, more severe diseases have been known to spread.

TiP Plague Occurrences

  • Occurred at 2014 term 1 and 2 of Georgia Tech because of several colds and in a few cases a stomach flu merging together into an extremely infectious disease that almost everyone caught during the end of the second week and the third week.
    • Symptoms in term 1 involved coughing, a sore throat, and headaches. The Fourth Years "Doctor Doctor" skit ended with a Tip Plauge version which can be seen on that page. Yep, so that's pretty much all you need to know about it. Stay hydrated to increase your survival rate!
    • In term 2, mono, stomach flu, and colds were common due to rain and flooding during the second-ish, first-ish weekend. Several people missed the last dance due to illnesses, (Mary Helen, Griffin).
  • This happened again in 2015 term 2. Especially Biomedical Engineering, where more than half the class got sick during the term. Nearly ten people in total were sent to the hospital or quarantined over the entire term. Many received the cold or lost their voices.
  • Term 2 2015 at UGA there was an outbreak of strep throat and many TIPsters were quarantined near the end of week 2 and begining of week 3.
  • 2016 Term II at Duke West saw an especially bad strain pass around, severe enough to where many TiPsters were still sick weeks after falling ill.
  • 2018 Term 2- Not serious in most cases, just a common cold, but NO ONE was safe.