Toxic Yellow/Cosmic Green

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Toxic Yellow is a popular refreshment among the Davidson Campers. It is a mix of Mello Yello and Blue Powerade, and it makes you very hyper. Other camps at Davidson, like the soccer camp, call this drink "Kryptonite", which is a very idiotic name considering it doesn't make you weak. Like at all. TIP Juses ingested this beverage almost every day before class, and would laugh uncontrollably at any and all small cues, the most common being Gavin Jones saying "Don't laugh." It also makes the victim jittery, commonly resulting in restless drumming of the fingers, toes, internal organs, etc. After Her first consumption of Toxic Yellow, TIP Juses went to the dorm building, Belk, and opened the door for everyone approaching it. She then skipped along the hall, humming to Herself, until finally She crashed on the couch in one of Her famous couch forts.

Duke East

Unknowingly, this drink was recreated at Duke East Term II in 2016. It was done so by Brandon's RAG, Raisin Bran. Backflip Colin/Colin Who Does Backflips saw Vineyard Bryant mixing Blue Powerade and Lemonade, and he decided to add some fizz to it with Mello Yello. The ending result was a little more green than yellow somehow, and it was named Cosmic Green by him. Cosmic Green was originally about 1/2 Mello Yello, 1/3 Blue Powerade, and 1/6 Lemonade, but was "refined" by Leighton and Emilio to be almost all Mello Yello with two squirts of Powerade, giving it a more bright green look. This discovery led on to all of the RAG trying to come up with new mixed drinks(without alcohol, of course). The only one that has been created thus far is Royal Purple, which is a mixture of Sprite, Blue Powerade, and Grape Juice. This was done by Irwin, who was almost voted most likely to become a bartender.