Trouting vs. chinning

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The trouting/chinning battle was a monumental factor in RC life at UGA Term 2, 2011. Trouting involves putting your hand between someone's legs (usually M-Nasty) and moving it back and forth rapidly, whereas chinning is grabbing someone's arm, applying one's stubbled chin to it, and rubbing it vigorously.

RC Blaze created trouting one fabled day in Term 1, when he and M-Nasty were visiting the Brain class. As M-Nasty strove to pay attention to the wonderful lecture, Blaze kept on trying and trying to distract him, and resorted to inventing trouting.

Chinning was invented the day of Dawgfest, Term 1. M-Nasty was relaxing at after the affairs of the day when a certain tipster, Landon, approached him. A short conversation ensued and Landon chinned him. He soon adopted chinning for his very own, and used it in retaliation, especially when Blaze taught his RC group the art of the trout.

Both should probably be banned from TiP for the rest of eternity. Think of them as nuclear weapons.