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Campus(es) Kansas, Duke East
Attended 2009, 2011
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Mitchell Haverty, Esq., known for his long hair and crazy outfits, was most definitely one of the most famous TIPsters ever. His dances were in a word...unique as was his "oh-noetry". Many may try to copy him but I don't think anyone could ever come close to the true Mitchell Haverty, Esq. He also was a truely keen Dada follower, and was as serious about it as two giraffes in a bathtub.

Mitchell attended Duke East, Term 2, from 2004 through 2006. While he was there, he was in Vampires his 2nd year, Law and Political Speech his 3rd year, and Utopian Dreams his 4th year. He was in Taylor's RAG 2nd year, Fuad's, 3rd year, and Salimah's 4th year.

He did indeed allow his long locks to be clipped near the end of Term 2 2006. One night Mitchell asked to borrow Murphy Temple's scissors. She let him, and Eric Mefford gave him a beanie cut. It was messy and had some long pieces, and Murphy cleaned it up. He just wanted a change. As of 27 September 2007, he has still been wearing his hair short, and he predicts that this will not change.

Mitchell as a Tipster.

All in all Mitchell was a great guy, and he won't be soon forgotten. He intends to RC at TIP as soon as he possibly can. He had plans to do so the summer of 2008, but then learned that he had to complete a year of college first.

Mitchell completed his first year of college at the University of Kansas, and was an RC at TIP there until 2011, where he moved to UGA. There, his RC group grew to know him as M-Nasty (his made-up rap name), and soon began to love his random quotes and sayings of wisdom. He plans on returning to East Term 2 as soon as he can.

One of M-Nasty's infamous jokes: Two walruses are sitting in a tub of warm warm crisco, and one asks the other to pass the soap. In reply, the other one says "what do I look like, a typewriter?". He adapted this joke from the Two Seals joke of Duke East fame.