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The Under a Tree couple were the inspiration for the Alspaugh Term II, '06 Quadfest Cheer: "How do we do it? Under a tree!"

During the Treasure Hunt the previous week, a couple was kicked out of the Gazebo by Karla's RAG, who needed it to perform the Human Knot. The couple moved to underneath a tree, where they had sexual intercourse, viewed by several RAGs. Sandra's RAG was among the first to discover this "event." Scarred for life, they ran to alert the rest of the RAGs waiting around the gazebo to try the Human Knot, and helped significantly to perpetuate the legend of that fateful day. They later made their RAG shirt in honor of this bonding experience, putting "How Do We Do It?" on the front and a picture of a completely innocent-looking tree on the back.

Giles dorm, led by RC Andrew, responded to the cheer with, "How do we do it? We don't!" which was the RCs' suggestion to all TiPsters to abstain. That is, until the last time, with planning, the cheer went... "How do we do it?" "IN GROUPS!!!" which sent Jordan into hysterics of laughter.

Other variations of the cheer include: "How do we do it? With teamwork!", "How to we do it? With a condom!", and "How do we do it? With edible body paint!"

Edit: This cheer (Under a tree) was not approved of by the staff (officially at least) and the most common variation became: How do we do it? TIPpropriately!!!