Venus fly-traps

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One of the more common pets at TIP East, as they are not banned under TIP guidelines and can be fed by either the inevitable dorm room bugs or cafeteria food. They also make for nice window-sill decorations. They are availible for purchase at Whole Foods.

You could often see Alexis Kim Desire and her roomate Bryan Barks out attempting to catch food for their Venus Fly Traps so they could live. They tried to feed their "family" everything from ants, to hot dogs, to shrimp, and but nevertheless, they forgot to give them water, and they died. The "family" is the most famous Venus Fly Trap at East Term 2.

From the Personal Recollections of Logan Wall: The first one that I saw was Peter Sloan's pet fly-trap in Term II 2002. Another noticeable fly-trap belonged to Haley Jaeger during Term II 2004. Both were subject to much experimentation regarding food supply and taste.