Alexis Kim Desire

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Alexis is an amazing TIPster whose been going for four years. She went to ASU her first two years, Texas her third year, and East her last year. Tip99.jpg

Alexis is pretty chill and will befriend pretty much anyone. She is most known for participating in the infamous panty party and having a relationTIP with Delson. She is also known for breaking out in random song, her obession with John Cena and falling down the stairs and hitting her head at East and having to go to the hospital. Alexis is energetic and loud, and a ton of fun. She was thought to have a crush on the llama mama, AC/DC but she also liked many guys so nobody's really sure...

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC
2004 1st ASU II Cone Jasmine
2005 2nd ASU II Cone Ann-Marie
2006 3rd Texas II Allison
2007 4th Duke East II Bassett Allison