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You're the Chick is the sport. The only sport.

Da Rules

Quite simply, the objective of the game is to force your opponent into a position of womanliness. One can do this in multiple ways, such as...

  • force the Chick onto a nearby wall through force into a compromising and sexually suggestive pose. Then, the Dude proclaims, "You're the Chick."
  • casually put an arm around the waist of the Chick, as if a gesture of friendliness. Then, the Dude proclaims, "You're the Chick."
  • whilst slow dancing, select a partner whom you know is infatuated with you. Make sure you are situated as the Dude, but do not comment about being the Chick/Dude until the end of the song. As your partner stares longingly into you eyes, pretend to do the same. Then, the Dude proclaims, "You're the Chick."
  • walk along the Quad with a prospective Chick. Place your foot in front of the Chick's foot, and perform a takedown. Position yourself lying above the victim. Then, the Dude proclaims, "You're the Chick."

Side Notes

Actual gender does not matter in any situation. The Chick is no longer the Chick one the act is completed and, in most cases, the pin removed. You're the Chick becomes very intense (and awkward) on Wear-a-Skirt Wednesday.

As of Term I '09, You're the Chick is the official sport of Brown.

Jem, the heroic protagonist of a cinematic triumph known only as The Dark Crystal, is the perpetual Chick. This has no bearing on the sport whatsoever. Eliot Beckham is also a perpetual chick in spirit, though in reality he is quite able to make Spencer Davis the chick anytime and anywhere.


Oh, one more way to make someone the Chick. Make them read this article.

You're the Chick.