Zach's Whore Fan

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Zach's Whore Fan was a magical, wondrous fan which usually resided in the room of Zach, Soorya, or the third floor, when Zach thought someone was experiencing heat stroke. Soorya's room was air conditioned, but... it didn't matter.

Though only a foot high, the little, high-powered grey fan was able to keep one of the Giles groups cooled during free times and once saved the life of the author of this page. It was also able to blow air through the front and back sides of itself.

The name came from its addicting and orgasmic breezes wafting through the hall. (Although, in reality, this is not true. Its name comes from the fact that it blew air so hard on high, that it would push itself off of Soorya's dresser or Zach's desk. In the words of Zach: "It blows really hard. It's a whore-fan."

Throughout Andrew's RAG, the Whore Fan became somewhat of a joke; people began to make funny comments surrounding the name which escalated into hilarious monologues concerning whores.

It's a whore!
How do you figure?
It brings people to the room!
It sucks and blows!

It became an Emo whore and suffered a tragic accident when its suicidal tendencies caused it to jump off Soorya's dresser. However, it failed to kill itself, it only suffered the loss of a fan blade that only made its whoring better.

It sucks! And blows! And vibrates!

The whore fan suffered more after the dresser incident, mainly when the knob was split open by Zach's roomate Brian, when he brought it to the laundry room for unknown reasons.

Zach's Whore Fan is not to be confused with a whore that is a fan of Zach. She has a name, but will choose to remain anonymous at this time.