10 lies they tell you at the start of TIP

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These lies are told every year, yet by the third day or so all of them are broken.

  1. No one except your roommate is allowed in your room.
  2. RCs care about what you do (They do care! They just don't...necessarily show it. But it's true you can get away with some crazy stuff.)
  3. There will be no practical jokes.
  4. Drugs are not allowed at TIP.
  5. 10:45 is lights out. *
  6. The main reason for TIP is the classes.
  7. Mandatory fun builds character.
  8. Cell phones can only be used during free time.
  9. No Frontal Hugs, Side hugs only * (Most RCs don't even try enforce this one)
  10. No Sleepovers. (Be careful and you can get away with it.)

* Varies by Campus


  1. Magic and Pokemon cards are off limits at TIP due to the scary images of monsters like Pikachu presented on the cards and some girls lifting up their shirts for cards. Also because it prevents "socializing" and mandatory fun.] **
  2. There will be no grinding at TIP dances. (At east term 2 2010 one RC was noted for being asked by her all boy RAG about grinding at dances and she reported that as long as it didn't result in anyone becoming... Hard, then it was acceptable.)
  3. There will be no electronics. **
  4. There will be no texting during class (Depends on your teacher, but doing this is a bad idea)
  5. There will be no vandalizing
  6. All the kids are drug free angels
  7. It's not okay to take candy from long haired dudes. (or blonde Josephs)
  8. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, there WILL be consequences. **
  9. No Kissing (Most RCs will turn a blind eye. Just be careful.)
  10. No horse play (This one is actually enforced sometimes.)
  11. No sitting next to decorative ponds even if you're just trying to enjoy the wonderful algae-ridden goodness.
  12. You must have one cup of water before any sodas [lolololololoololol]
  13. No Cussing (even the RC's do it in front of everyone) (and teachers, if you happen to have Dr. Butt [1] as an instructor. He defends himself by saying "I'm from New York, I swear a lot")
  14. No Fountain Hopping (TU)

** Probably outdated