Andrew's door

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A door on second floor Giles dorm (at Duke East), belonging to Andrew Nicholson, which in Term 2 2006 was vandalized by a group of lovely ladies (see Giles) with Sharpies and paper. Memorable signs were made and papered the door from top to bottom.


  1. "Andrew's cooler than beastiality!"
  2. "Andrew's got the magic of Clorox!"
  3. "A certain loud 'SHUT UP!' silences all of Giles Dorm..."
  4. "Andrew is the best RC ever..."
  5. "Wir lieben dich Andreas! Gleich so viel wie wir lieben der Yama!" (a misspelling of Llama) (English:" We love you, Andreas! [sic] Almost as much as we love the Yama [sic].")
  6. "Emo kids love Andrew! He doesn't make them smile!"
  7. "Andrew loves Hello Kitty!"
  8. "Andrew's milkshake brings all the girls to the hall!"
  9. "Andrew doesn't have to do ANYTHING for a Klondike Bar!"
  10. "Andrew could OWN you at Counter-Strike."
  11. "When Andrew touches fire, he doesn't get burned. The fire gets Andrew-ed."