Anna Farr

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Anna was an RC at Georgia Tech 2019 Terms 1 and 2. Her Group for GT T2 was RC Anna's Guardians of the Galaxy. She is legendary and probably the chillest RC one could ever ask for. She has a lot of hidden talents and fun facts. Some of these include being followed by Gordon Ramsey on Twitter, overtone singing, voice impersonations, being a great dancer, and actually being a GOD at singing. Everyone thought she had a thing with AI1 TA Branden, but on the last night, we learned that he "was like a brother" to her. One day, she popped off and decided to make 6 buttons for everyone in the RC group. During the 2nd week, she led her group in a torturous workout involving jump squats and leg circles, leaving everyone severely sore the next day. She loves the color yellow, dogs, Disney, singing, Groot, and fitness. She also has amazing music taste. For each of the student's door decal, she made baby Groots stating "I am (name)". She brings laughter and positive energy with her everywhere she goes. She is our Dad and the greatest role model ever. #WHOLESOME

Written by Erin Yoon, Mary Matias, and Faith Tsang