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AznInvazn was an ultimate team at Duke West Term II in 2009. The team was composed entirely of asians plus 3 honorary asians (Barbara Ann Kozee, Landon Carter and James Dow). The team captains were Raffy Salcedo and Nicholas Chen. This was one of the only teams that was all second years in the tournament; despite this fact, the team went on to tie for second place, but because of the pairings, was officially third place. Note: sometimes the team is also called Azn Invazn + 3 Caucazns.

The AznInvazn team has a 2-1-0 record against student teams


  • Raffy Salcedo
  • Nicholas Chen
  • Brandon Chen
  • Teddy Li
  • Barbara Anne Kozee
  • James Dow
  • Landon Carter
  • Calvin Deng
  • Chelsey Lin
  • Chi Floria Le
  • Ina Liu
  • Becky Li
  • Sunny Zhang
  • Dan Qiu
  • Richard Hu

Ultimate Tournament

Azninvazn was paired up against FU in the first round and defeated them fairly easily. Then in the second round, they played against The Team Team and lost terribly 0-7 but made it back up in the last round by defeating Zulu Force.