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Disclaimer: this page is purposely vague because the point of BASY is that he/she doesn't know what BASY is until later.

BASY is different than all of the other traditions at East. There's no relic, it's not passed down at the talent show, and it's pretty much kept underground until people start realizing what it is. Some would argue that it's not a tradition at all, but after 3 solid years, it deserves a tipwiki page. It's essentially a massive inside joke among the 3rd and 4th years that know what it means.


BASY was started in 2015 by HOTF 2k15. The original BASY was in HOTF and by the end of the first week, he had gotten on everyone's nerves. He was known as "Nebraska" (because of the Nebraska apparel he wore every single day), but by the end of the second week, everyone knew him as BASY. He was known for being annoying all the time, and angrily throwing frisbees at people. He was kicked out by the third week for locking people in his room, turning the showers on people while they were still fully clothed, and overall just being a bully.

BASY Today

BASY was never meant to be passed on or anything, it just kind of happened. The next year (2016), Second Floor Bassett named the next BASY at breakfast one morning. They kept what BASY stood for a secret until the end of the 2nd week when Dylan finally had enough of people calling him BASY. This practice follows to this day. The acronym meaning is kept a secret only to be told to 3rd and 4th years who come to a consensus on who the BASY is (with some input from the previous years BASY), and then from then on, the BASY should only be called by the name BASY until the end of the second week when he/she is told what the meaning of BASY is. It is important to note that BASY is not a bullying tactic, but is used to better the 2nd year to have a better attitude towards other tipsters and to be kind to every tipster.

Edit by a former BASY: This is bullshit, and a bullying title, but its kinda fair. I was an asshat.


  • 2015: Connor Collingsworth
  • 2016: Dylan Philbeck
  • 2017: Alex Wasylik