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It has been said that there was once a TiPster named Raffi who garnered enough money on Casino Day that he won a song at the Dance that evening, dedicated to his honor. Those in charge of the musical lineup could not resist the temptation to choose a song by Raffi, and the rest was history. Since then it has repeatedly gotten requests at Duke East, enough to make it something close to a tradition but not quite (like ). Either way, this song has been played traditionally at dances (dahnces), causing people over the age of four to dance to this song for the first time in history.

This information is not entirely sound, as it came from the earliest TIP Lore sessions, in which later on many falsehoods were discovered. However, if the former account is held to be true it should also be noted that according to the same source Raffi later on achieved a small fame on this site:

Bananaphone is, for those who choose to, traditionally danced on the pavement between the Circle Quad and the Union steps. The chief participants are fourth years, and the style of dance is a congenial twist.

Bananaphone was also the winning song in the TIPSync of Davidson II 04, as done by Lori's RC group, with the infamous as their lead singer.