Circle Quad

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The Circle Quad is located between Lilly Library and the Union (East) and sandwiched between the Main Quad and the Carr-Frisbee-Giles Quad. It also houses the normal accessories of grass and mud, along with the huge pit in the middle, which grows larger and larger after each dance.

It is the only quad you are "supposed" to be on during lunch, it houses many Quadfest events and dances, and the road going around it is the site of the highly anticipated on Casino Day.

It is also infamous for swallowing Svusch Linkous' pink Birkenstock during Term I of 2005. It is rumored that the mud monster at the bottom of the center pit has captured the shoe and will award the TIPster brave (or stupid) enough to dive and retrieve the shoe 5 wishes (or mudpies, I don't remember which).

As with all quads at East Term I 2010, TIPsters were severely punished if found walking on the quads. It went to an extreme of having to dance on the pavement around it at the last two dances of term I. (Nobody ever got punished for it, unless you think being whined at is a punishment. i liked to tear down the ropes around the circle quad during lunch -TOFU)

At TIP 2012 this quad is where the dances were all held with the DJ Gabe Crow standing on the Union steps and the TIPsters moshing below in the quad.