Main Quad (East)

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Duke East's Main Quad is the Quad located between the four main dorms (Brown, Bassett, Pegram and Alspaugh), and in front of Baldwin Auditorium. Equipped with your normal quad accesories, it grass, mud, a curb, and the traditional four sides. It is also equipped with the statue of B. Duke, who so kindly stands over us with his cane and hat, while the frisbee is thrown around. Sadly, due to some freak accident of some poor TIPster slamming into the statue while running, Ultimate is not allowed on the main quad anymore. Being barefoot is also not allowed on any quad (but we take our shoes off anyways).

Edit: While the RCs may claim that Frisbee is no longer allowed on the Statue Quad, during Quadfest of East II 2006 the Cutthroat event actually took place on the Statue Quad. I have yet to see that rule enforced despite obvious violations.

Edit: Ultimate Frisbee is allowed on the quad, as of 2012 at least!