Ben Sun

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Ben Sun
Ben during last dance Second year
Pronouns he/him
Campus(es) WFU, East
Attended 2015-2018
Course(s) Thats debatable, Macro, Micro, Computer Skills
RAG(s) Olisa, Emily, Connor, Joseph
Roommate(s) Riley, Reece, Alex, Dylan
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Ben Sun

Year Class Campus RAG Roommate Term
2015: First Year That's Debatable Wake Forest Olisa's PowerPUFF B.O.Y.S Riley Todd, John, Dries 2nd
2016: Second year Macroeconomics Duke East Emily's Neantrathals Reece O. 1st
2017: Third year Microeconomics Duke East Connor's Commune Alex Loftus 1st
2018: Fourth Year Computer Skills Duke East Joe's Wagon Wheels Dylan Riffle 1st


  • He's kind of the Asian kid who plays cards a lot and Rubik's cubes a lot.
  • His initials are B.S. Known to perk up at the sound of cards
  • Hide things that are not permitted/frowned upon in secret places
  • Shuffled a deck of cards that he bought at Wake Forest 1278 times (As of 7/31/15)
  • Won over 100 games of ERS in one term.
  • Has habit of writing people's names in blood when cut
  • Usually don't go to the buffet at Wake but when there are egg rolls, MUST GET ALL OF THEM!!!
  • Has an obsession with buttons.
  • Will make all the references and the bad jokes
  • Will spend up to 5 minutes at the drink machine mixing Mountain dew and Dr. Pepper to make the perfect beer color (Wine is achievable too. Just use Fanta Grape in place of Dr.Pepper)
  • Will shamelessly correct everyone else's grammar but says incorrect statements, sometimes.
  • Superglue buttons to his lanyard as not to loose them
  • Played Mao obsessively and super competitively at East. Known to be merciless and cruel in dealing card punishments, leading to the imposition of the raymond limit.
  • Planning to complete the economics trifecta (Macro, Micro, Game Theory).
  • Enjoyed a challenge at ERS and would play a game given the chance.


First Year

  • Started the in-Salt/ as-Salt thing at the lunch table

In the first few meals, out of boredom, he started putting salt into various people's drinks, before asking them "Were you Insalted?

  • Made the names of classes into conversation

Came up with the idea of turning the class name (That's Debatable) into a Your Mom style comeback

  • Cracked the Wi-Fi password

Knew username, but the password took some time. Eventually during the third week, the program broke through and the RAG had Wi-Fi(you do realize google inspect is way faster right?) In response to the question... Yes but 1). So is getting it from the Lab, and 2). It requires more skill. Google inspect is like making a Smore in a microwave.)(what?)

Second Year

Emily's Rag
  • Known around campus as Rubik's Cube kid because he would always have his cube out
  • Played card games whenever he could. Had a tendency to slap into ERS games and proceed to beat out the other players. (Except Reese... Freaking Reece).
  • Had conversations over the third floor Bassett line
  • Learned some card tricks
  • Played card games in the first floor commons with random people
  • Wearing a toga on toga Tuesday. Going up to people and asking them "Are you not entertained?"
  • Known to be super competitive at... everything
  • During evening activities, drank over half a bottle of V8 at "The Thirsty Games" Proceeded to throw up into the toilet for the next half hour.
  • Bought multiple packs of rare playing cards online

Third Year

Connor's Commune
  • After being destroyed in ERS by Reece the first year, Ben vowed to get revenge and subsequently spent almost an entire year practicing.
  • Because of this, he has won over 100 games at TIP (as counted by a counter he keeps around his neck).
  • He still couldn't beat Reece though, with three, hour long games all ending in a stalemate.
  • Also bought two decks of cards at TIP
  • Now known as both ERS kid and Rubiks cube kid.
  • Instead of eating hotdogs every day only ate hotdogs every other day.
  • Got a 100 on one the TUCE, something only 3 in 10,000 college students do.
  • Spent $240 on amazon gift cards for "Purposes"

Fourth Year

  • ERS Streak broken by Sophia Chang on the first day (TAKE THAT BEN HAHAHAHA)
  • Bought no decks of cards at TIP
  • Took full advantage of Duke's 3D printing lab to print 19 objects
  • Looked amazing wearing a dress on Crossdressing Wednesday
  • Ate more non hotdog foods than hotdogs
  • Passed down the 10 of clubs to Sophia Chang
  • Destroyed everyone at Shellshock in class and during free time
  • "I don't want your pity" whenever Sophia tried to give him extra cards in ERS
  • Rocked a dress brought from home during WASW
  • Went to whole foods hungry and bought a ridiculous amount of food
  • Designed class T-shirt


  • Watching movies at night with suite mates
  • Brought a stash of medical supplies

This was probably why he didn't get struck down with the illnesses that were running around the campus. Brought broad-spectrum antibiotics, fever reducing pills, burn cream, rubbing alcohol, and anti-allergy pills (All neatly hidden in a box of soap. This is why I had to use your soap John)

  • "Borrowing" food from John (don't think he wants it back...)
  • Turning an umbrella into a makeshift spring-loaded reciprocating baton.
  • Cleaning up the room...
  • Playing Geometry Dash.
  • Openly discussing the best uses for human skin (Gloves, a raincoat, a cape... etc.)
  • Openly discussing human anatomy in the third floor Basset study room
  • Ordering things off of Amazon
  • Wearing ugly sunglasses and painting his nails
  • Staying up late on the last night to play cards.
  • Staying up late at night on houseparty(not anymore).
  • Playing BTD instead of cards.
  • p00p
  • Showing off Virtuoso deck but not selling it (Sophia would've bought it at any price).
  • Keeps door key on a wire(WTF BEN).

Rubiks Cubing

  • Ben was an avid cuber and always had a cube and a shape mod with him at all times.
  • His mains are 2 modified Gans 356s V2s, which Ben would brag about to anyone who was unfortunate enough to ask. Edit: his main is now a magnetic GTS V2
  • His backup is a weilong GTS (But he says it's "Too uncontrollable" yeah whatever. you just slow you skrub) Edit: His backup is now a GANS Air.
  • He would also carry around a bottle of "Performance enhancing weight 2 silicon lubricant" (To much embarrassment BC he didn't get the double entendre)
  • His PB is 17.12 seconds and his best Ao5 is 25.4
  • He prefers the stock shades over half brights because reasons (IDK. I didn't bother to ask)
  • He averages below 30 seconds with CFOP and knows both full OLL and PLL (One day I'll be better than you).
  • He started around three months before TiP

Playing cards

  • Ben also knew a lot about playing cards.
  • He collects them but didn't bring any to TiP because I guess he didn't want to loose his "Precious White Centurion that is super rare and the one he made a custom wood box for..."
  • He would show off his cards to people and then get annoyed when they bend his cards.
  • Ben also liked to show off various flourishes or cuts whenever he was asked to shuffle.
  • Only person at East and West who may or may not be able to beat Sophia Chang, but as of yet hasn't.
  • Would rather play Uno than cards.


  • That's Debatable/ Statistically Speaking
  • Asian PersuAsian
  • WHY??????!!!!
  • Who touched my chips?
  • I got bored
  • To (Insert verb here) (Insert article) (Noun) you first must realize that there is no spoon.
  • Okay...So!
  • Ipsa Scientia Potentia Est (Knowledge itself is power)
  • Caesar non supra grammaticos! (The emperor is not above grammar!)
  • 78ยบ and fair
  • I'm not anti social, I'm anti stupid
  • Actually, human flesh is closer to pork than veal...
  • This is why I'm not in choir
  • No, it is not ethical to have sex with a dead turkey
  • I cry ervyteim.
  • Not y y0
  • "Are you counting wins or games played?" Both are the same.
  • You're stupid
  • Okay okay, that's fair

Asian Words

  • Asian Persu-Asian
  • Asian solves the Equ-Asians
  • Asian Domin-Asian
  • High Expect-Asians