Bennett's Room

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The following events surround the actions of then Third-Years Becca Hentges and Will Smith, and their last-night shenanigans in the room of then Fourth-Year Bennett Eckert.

It all started when, early in the morning, Becca arrived at Will's room (for Remy was his roommate, and Becca is totally his BAE). The two decided to take a trip to the roof soon after (Remy was asleep and did not join them). Everything went fine until they arrived at the room from which one could access the roof. The door was locked, and the infamous RC Barry was heard to be approaching. In need of somewhere to hide, and noticing that Bennet's room (immediately across the hall) was unlocked, hid inside. Not long afterwards a knock was heard, and it was none other than Barry. When Will opened the door to greet him, Barry was clearly confused, but this was only the start. Barry's confusion would skyrocket when the only response to multiple repetitions of "what are you doing here?" were met simply with "This is Bennett's room!" as Will gestured to the sign on the door.

Before long, Barry turned around to get the students off of the roof, and the two escaped amid the confusion.