Cheng-wei Lo

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Cheng-wei is one of my most favorite people in the world.

He is a dedicated TiPster, having attended:

Davidson II 2009

Duke East I 2010

As a second year, Cheng-wei was mainly famous (and adored!) for his epic Quadfest portrayal of Lady GaGa.

Duke East I 2011

During his third year, Cheng-wei continued to be greatly loved by all. He was known to be the mother of Camila Liao and Others (Koueun, Viv, Grace, and Nicole), as well as Matt Robertson and Kate Gibson. Matt was his favorite child until he was disowned or something (I forget what happened)(Nothing happened, Matt was never disowned and always will be Cheng-wei's favorite...), and then Kate became his favorite. He claimed that Camila was always his second-favorite child regardless of anything.

As I (Kate) am the one writing this, I just have to say how much I love Cheng-wei!! He came to my room all the way at Pegram every morning at like 7:30, quite often gave me advice on what I was wearing (particularly during Spirit Week), and then we knocked annoyingly on Matt's door and went to breakfast where we had pretty much the whole place to ourselves! ILOVECHENGWEIFOREVER. He makes an adorable HiPster TiPster, ninja, guy in a toga, ADFer, and just about anything else!

Cheng-wei has also proved his dedication and love for Squiggles Leprechaun Lastname.