Christina's RAG

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Succinctly: A bunch of smexy biotches.

In more detail: A mixed second/third year RAG, residing on the third floor hellhole of Giles dorm term 2 2006 and loving it. Most likely to be on second floor, with Andrew's RAG, having an air conditioning party. Possibly the coolest RAG ever to inhabit East. Known for many things, including new hall sports, massive hysterical crushes on Rashmi's WPOW TA, Clint (Hell yes, we're taking Philosophy next year!), the incident of Andrew's door, being the ones to start Gilespox and Gilessores and infect the Union Tree as well as several Pegramites with it, eating Swedish fish all day, being the best emo RAG, being the only RAG to have almost all its RAG members fall for almost all the members of another RAG, shouting 'Andrew is cooler than bestiality!' during the slide show, staying up all night, very loudly, my dear, crying all of the last day, the birthday card incident, being in love with our roommates, being there, all night, last night, in Mitch's room, always being late and running across the circle quad, making the most disgusting toothpaste known to man, and being there for each other in a kickass way, made better by the most amazing RA ever, Christina Song, of 'Giles smash, Giles ROAR!', long eating hours in which she occupied Xiao's table, and slipping in milk fame, who will, despite all her protests, eventually marry Xiao and have twenty kids. Is known for the motto "GO FOR THE THROAT!"

Rag Members

  • Rae
  • Maxine
  • Grace
  • Alethia
  • Minaye
  • Megan
  • Rashmi