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Swedish fish are red, generic fruit-flavored candies, shaped like fish. They can be bought in bulk at the East Campus Student Union Basement Store, or for West, at the convenience store in the Bryan Center. Used for 6 purposes.

  1. Used as entertainment by the mysterious of Andrew (who is cooler than bestiality)'s RAG. When sat alone in his room with the lights out, the door closed, and a bag of Swedish Fish...let's hope he was eating the Swedish Fish.
  2. Used as adhesives to stick signs on the door of one British Tipster during Davidson Term II 2008 (however, this purpose is highly discouraged, as the Swedish Fish will have been epically wasted).
  3. Purchased by Alethia and used by the illustrious, sexy RAG of to wheedle seal imitations and other things (I promise, they were TIPropriate...*cough*... mostly) out of Andrew's RAG, the best RAG ever.
  4. Renamed in an appropriately Norse fashion, as a sponsor for Raiding and Writing. (Fornnoskir Fiskar)
  5. Purchased by Director and Manager Aimee to control and appease "Mary Magdalene and the feat. Yabo."
  6. To bring great sugary joy to the Vegans on campus, most notably Erin, from East Term 2.

As a new rule in effect July 12, 2007, you must bark like a seal in order to recieve a Swedish Fish from the magic bag of Alethia.

It should also be noted that Swedish Fish are the favorite gummy candy of the Muffins[1].