Dan Weinstein

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Dan Weinstein is the 2010 Duke East campus TA for Spy 101. Many TiPsters (one) came to llove him prior to the official start of TiP when he was an airport transporter responsible to taking car of TiPsters on their way to campus. He refused to budge on the issue of a side-trip to cosmic, but that one TiPster still thinks he's pretty fly.

During camp Dan was seen hanging out with other TA's like Peter Sloan and James Hicks (Or, atleast that's what his facebook photos suggest). He was once quoted as saying "I was hoping hanging around Peter Sloan would increase my TiPster cred, it hasn't worked so far". Or something like that.

Dan was born on August 12th, whateveryearhewasbornin, which happens to be during the meteor showers. At the very moment Dan was born a flashing comet streaked across the cosmos, paying homage to his birth and the skilled timing of his parents. *nosegame*