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Eric Cintron, more properly known as "E-Money," was the original OG, and flyest guy to ever grace duke.

2014 West Term 1

It was at this term, while a member of Josh's RAG, where he earned the title of "E-Money." There had also been a TIPster with the same nickname when Josh was a TIPster at 2010 West Term 2, which is perhaps why it gained traction despite E-Money's initial apprehension.

E-Money kicked off with his legendary TIPsync performance, where his RC group split up into two groups of 5 with E-Money's group switching off from All the Single Ladies, a forgotten middle song, and Killer Queen while the other group stuck to Never Gonna Give You Up, with the two groups switching off at designate moments. With E-Money's group first, as he hid off to the side, one of his group members said "before we start, we would like to introduce you to the original OG, the only name you need to know, E-MONEY!!!" as he slid across the stage on his knees and elegantly got up. At the very end of their performance, as Never Gonna Give You Up was ending, the 9 surrounded E-Money and made it rain on him with E-Money cut out and decorated earlier that day. For the next two weeks, he would truly be the only name anyone needed to know.

His next grand performance would be at the Talent show, where he attempted to recite the original 151 Pokémon while saying them in the funniest way possible. Needless to say he didn't fully memorize them, but his act was hilarious and awesome anyway (because why wouldn't it?)

One of the last evening activities that term was one where TIPsters sent out letters to any other TIPster they wanted to. E-Money received one from someone saying "thank you for being the only name I needed to know." Before everyone left TIP that term, E-Money's RC group received their RC group shirts, which was E-Money themed on the front by saying E$ with his greeting hand sign, saying #RiskEverything right below it.

2015 Georgia Tech Term 1

Though the living legend did not return to West to reclaim his stature, he did go to Tech Term 1 2015. Despite leaving his legacy at West behind, E-Money $$$ instantly started to make friends when he chimed in on a conversation about thongs with some chicks. The second Sunday during free time, Hannah Skyped Kevin (who also went to West w/ $$$) and searched for $$$. After wandering both dorms for about 30 minutes, there was still no sign of $$$. In a last act of desperation, Hannah sent Alex Janelle into the boys bathroom on $$$'s floor. Alex found E-Money $$$ in the shower, and $$$ infamously shouted out that he need to "finish some things up." After taking another 10 minutes in the shower, E-Money arrived in all of his wet glory. Jeffrey Jehng, Alex Janelle, and Hannah all watched while E-Money $$$ speedily participated in the JuiceOff. Unfortunately JuiceGod Joel prevailed and E-Money $$$ earned the title of "Second Place Juice God." ($$$ is first place in everything else btw.) E-Money $$$ was also mentioned by the Unknown Chach at the 2015 Duke West TIPSync as "That One Kid".

2018 West Term 1

E-Money's legacy did not end upon finishing up DukeTIP as a student. E-Money returned as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the summer of 2018, helping teach the Programming for Video Games class (Duke West, Term 1), which interestingly enough was the class he participated in when he became E-Money at Duke West Term 1 2014.

At Duke West for term 1, E-Money was put in a tough spot due to the instructor, Mrs. Rene Johnson, he was assigned with not knowing really ANYTHING about Python and PyGame programming, which is what they were supposed to be using in the course (how the heck did this lady get hired?!?!). Like she knew NOTHING. E-Money was described as "the stabilizing force holding the class together" in all the chaos with the clueless instructor. One of the students, Jordan, basically taught the class himself at some point, during evening study and starting Tuesday of Week 3 when the instructor had left after being dismissed (i wonder why...). Thanks to his help, Jordan was dubbed the true "instructor" of the class. Students also gossiped about E-Money and the Electrical Engineering TA as if they were in a RelationTIP because they always ate meals together, but this is false as they were just good friends.

Notable Moments

  • Having his RC group at his debut in the TIPSync make it rain on him with custom made E-Money dollar bills at the end of their performance.
  • His presidential campaign (equality first, education second).
  • During the last dance, $$$ waited to be the very last person (he actually wasn't, sorry Anna and Sam), and made his grand entrance by sliding down the construction paper red carpet on his knees and completely shredding the whole thing up and nearly shredding his knees off (they were a bit scraped for about a week or so). Everyone's jaw dropped. What a legend.
  • A strong handshake is the key to a good relationship.
  • Dating advice for Hannah: "You're pretty. You're nice. You'll do fine."
  • Sitting and waiting on the side to be the very last fourth year to give his speech, where he talked about focusing on being glad to having been part of TIP, not sad that they're leaving. "Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened."
  • Busting out them dance moves.
  • After an hour and a half of trying to skate at Palace Point with possibly the worst balance of any human being EVER, FINALLY getting the hang of it and skating TEN LAPS without falling.

Notable Quotes

  • "Florida is very stupid and weird." ($$$ plans to change this with his presidential campaign.)
  • "I didn't have a roommate. I could do a lot of things in private."
  • "Trust no one. We could be a fly."
  • "Global warming was caused by my mixtape."
  • "The only person who made me hot is my mom.... Because she made me."
  • "I can find it. I have X-ray vision!!" (can confirm, one of many skills)
  • "I'm good with my hands, I've been practicing"
  • "Kick harder. Harder, harder, faster, faster."
  • "Never have I ever held someone's hand. Tears."
  • "You graduated in a major of fabulousness?"
  • "Why are you taking all of my quotes out of context, Hannah..."