East vs. West Ultimate Game

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For further discussion about making this happen in 2010, see the Talk page.

The staff get to play each other! Why can't we?

It's common knowledge that the staff of East play the staff of West in an Ultimate game every term, and that the TIPsters get together a team to play the staff on their respective campuses. But the student teams, unlike the staff teams, don't get the to play a cross-campus match. We think we should.

What it is

Two teams, one from Duke East Campus and one from Duke West Campus, will meet and play an amazing match to determine which campus is truly superior.

How it will work

This idea is just coming together, so these plans are apt to change. But at the moment:

The Teams:
Every year a student team has played the staff on their own campus. Sometimes there has been a tournament to determine the best student team, and they go on to face staff in a final match up, sometimes there have been huge teams where anyone who wants to can participate. Either way, the team that plays the staff will be the team that will play the other campus.

The Match:
For this to work, a field will have to be agreed upon. This should be resolved by alternating campuses each year, with the first game, (hopefully 2010) occurring on East Campus due to the fact that it has superior fields. The most obvious time for the game to occur is the second Sunday of the term during the afternoon as the Staff/Student game is that Friday and Quadfest that Saturday. Most likely only the team will be allowed to go because of transportation issues. Transportation will need to be arranged for the team, (and spectators [must be kept to a minimum to make travel easy]) most likely the team will ride the shuttle over. The match will be conducted under full (read: abridged) UPA rules, 11th or most recent addition with 7 player teams and playing to 11 or until one team concedes. The winning team will be awarded the "trophy" as official proof that they won the annual East vs. West Ultimate Game.

The Trophy:
Current ideas for the trophy include:

  • Gold colored discs marked with 'East vs. West Ultimate Game' for each member of the winning team.
  • A frog.

The Aftermath:
The losing team grants all of the following rights to the winning team:

  • the right to talk as much trash as possible
  • the right to bring their win up as often as possible
  • the right to celebrate as much as possible.

These rights are secured until the date of the EvW game the following year.

How you can help make this happen

First off, we need members to join the Facebook Petition so that we hold more clout when trying to convince staff that this is a great idea (we already know it is, but staff can be a little weird sometime :P)
- Join that here: Facebook Petition
Anything else you can think of (a benefactor to fund the trophy discs would be nice....)

As a former East Frisbee Captain, I'd be happy to sponsor any future East vs West games. Or at least buy a custom disc as a trophy-Phillip Geist

First East vs. West Game

Took place on June 26th, 2017 at West. A complete blowout, West won