Elisabeth Miller

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Elisabeth Miller
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Summer Studies - Trinity, Duke East CRISIS - Southwestern
Attended Summer studies - 2018-now CRISIS - 2016-2017
Course(s) Summer Studies - Mathmatical Modeling and Applied Statistics, Microeconomics CRISIS - Architecture and Engineering, Journalism
RAG(s) Summer Studies - Tori, Morgan CRISIS - (some 50 year old woman nobuddy rembers), Emily
Roommate(s) Summer Studies - Susannah, Stacy CRISIS - Sasha, Ava
Social Media

CRISIS Term 2 2016

She was apart of the losing team on field day. Participating in the mystery challenge. On an early Wild Card Wednesday Morning, Elisabeth thought she signed up for Capture the flag. Being very delirious that morning, she accidentally signed up for flag football which she had zero knowledge for. She contribute nothing to her teams victory. In her course she was the person who suggested wetting wood to get curve and almost burning the building down with a hot glue gun.

CRISIS Term 2 2017

According to Anna Jones the above two years never happened because CRISIS is not real.

Summer Studies Term 1 2018

Summer Studies Term 1 2019