Emma Miller

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Despite the declarations of RCs and that Emma Miller was the "worst TIPster ever," Emma Miller wasn't actually half-bad, although she did admittedly sneak out of bed and leave notes and poems outside of 's door and probably spent too much time around Zach's RAG. One of two Emma Millers at Duke East Term 2, this led to some confusion during the first couple of days at TIP when the administration couldn't decide which room belonged to which Emma Miller and this particular Emma (from Miami) ended up without an ID and was stuck using Eric Mefford's to get meals until a new one was made. Emma was accused of being too friendly with the RCs and having a girly crush on one Mike Sori (completely ridiculous!). She was a frequent contributor to the oh-noetry book and read a few of her poems, including odes to the and Mike Sori, while MC-ing the talent show along with Hanna Hope and . Former classes include (2006), PILF (2005), and Short Fiction Workshop (2004).