GaTech Quotes 2K17 Term 1

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This is a page existing solely for the ridiculous, magnificent, memorable, and any other kind of special comments that were made during Georgia Tech 2017 Term 1. Let the madness... Begin!


"Today or Tommorow!" - Vijay during BME

""Break The Horse"!" -Person during IR:GC Risk game

“” - Shiv, realizing he wrote on the whiteboard in permanent marker

I need to leave early to beat George at bed races!” - Danny during the final Jared's group/Gaston's group partnership.

"Shangri-Loo!" -Caelen, upon explaining the Dishwasher of Soul's greatest temple to the Biomed class

"Mmmm, Tasty Dolphin." -Donovan, during a Kahoot testing the Biomed classes' knowledge of the movie "Dolphin Tale"

"A murderer thinks himself to be an antichrist, but an antichrist imagines himself to be a murderer," - Inspirobot, during breakfast on the last (full) day of the term

"Grellow's not a color!" -Blue team, chanting at Swarmfest

"Color's just a concept!" -Grellow's counter-chant (sorry Grellow, but Blue didn't have a chant so everything they did was just to make fun of the other teams)

"It's a sign from above!" -Drew/Kirk/Portia when he saw the random stranger, waving a Blue shirt on a stick out of their window during

Everything George said -should these have their own page?