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The homie service is a major religion of east campus, founded in term 1 of 2019. Its beliefs center around being a homie and (usually) holding services on the same days as other religious services.


The rise of the homie hangout

The homie service originated in the homie hangout on the second Saturday of east term 1 2019, while everyone was waiting to go skating. The initial homie hangout was located inside of a large bush near the end of the road past giles and the other buildings on the east quads. is also within sight of the initial homie hangout.

This initial hangout was established when a large group of homies from pegram entered the bush and established a bustling and prosperous location based around egalitarianism, philosophical and modernist ideals, independence, and, most importantly, being inside a bush with your homies. There was no initial organization of the initial homie hangout; it just kinda happened.

The fall of the (original) homie hangout

The fall of the homie hangout is much less interesting than its rise. Several RCs told the original homie group to get out of the bush because there were at least twenty dudes just hanging out inside of it. It is unknown if student safety or bush safety was the primary concern in this situation, though it may have been neither.

The establishment of the homie service


The next day, the homie service was officially established. Some tipsters with ties to the initial hangout had wanted to know if they could attend the homie service as a religious service. This was then arranged to take place at 11:00 am under a magnolia tree. Attendance was expected to be generally male, if not male-only. however, in an unprecedented move, there were more female tipsters than male tipsters. And thus, the homie service became universal.

Holy scriptures

The scriptures of the homie service have only been partially provided to the public by members of the religion. The passages and books are provided below. Feel free to provide your own excerpts from the homie scriptures here.

The book of bruh


Attributed to the prophet bruh, but initially sent by Jane (me!) to the duke east GroupMe.

Themes include: the importance of prayer, prediction of the future, further advancing the progression of society, cannabis

Length: twelve chapters, some long, others short.


bruh 4:08-42 (modern world translation and paraphrase): "for the prophet bruh decreeth, that, if in the past days, thou hast neglected to scream at our lunar body nightly at nine in the evening, thou shalt repent on thursday at 4:15. though some might ask, 'why in the name of the grand holy homie family of fuk would thou hold an event at 4:15 on thursday when it can be held on wednesday to conflict with catholic mass?' and bruh replied, with a true and honest fan's voice and a pious and faithful tone, 'idk bro.' the hookah-intoxicated descendants of the holy fuk family were brought to tears, which flowed down their red-painted sacred eyes. bruh's faith within them was verily reaffirmed."


This verse is speaking of the Thursday at 4:15 service and establishes that, though the homie service had previously been scheduled to be during other religious activities, it still possesses reverence for other religions, which, contrary to some popular interpretations, are not limited to Catholicism. No organized religion holds its services at Thursday on 4:15 except for the homie service, proving the respect held by the organization for others.

The "screaming at our lunar body" is in reference to the moonscream, a mythical aspect of tip's lore. This passage also establishes moonscreaming as a commandments of the homie service by stating that you must repent if you do not moonscream on a regular basis because, as with every other major religion, only one out of every ten rules is not implied (exception: book of deuteronomy and leviticus. none of that is implied.).

The fuk family represents the code of TIPpropriateness in other passages in the book of bruh, but this symbolism is not present in chapters 4 and 20, specifically, since the fuk family is used for teaching different parables than the ones present in chapters 4 and 20. Paradoxically, the fuk family willingly use practically every imaginable variation of marijuana at one point, despite representing the tippropriate ideals typical of a first-year camp RC. This is perhaps a reference to , since the passage was first read at duke east on the third anniversary of the events in question.

Overall, this passage alone is loaded with great symbolic meaning of all sorts.

The book of negrodus


Authorship debated. scripture provided by garrick/pope blaze.

Themes include: no discernible theme. some portions lost entirely.

Length: four chapters.


Pope Blaze I: Imma tell you a verse from Negro Sciptchya: Negrodus 21:1-5 ?Y?all honkies wilin now but gone play sorry when we get y?all back?


Please feel free to announce any services at or outside of tip here.


The final thursday of tip has a service at 4:15. Scriptures will be read.


The service did not take place. f for respects.

The man behind the hangout

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