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J-Money (Real name Justin Price) arrived at Duke TIP during the infamous Swine '09 scare of East Term II as a first year fourth year, and was immediately glorified by Peter Sloan's RAG, especially his roommate Nimish Mittal (a fellow first year fourth year). On the second day of the term, he was given the nickname "J-Money" by Danny Richey, for obvious reasons. He is a self-proclaimed "grammar Nazi", and is, in general, one of the most unusual and reverred characters of TIP. He is known for his passionate love of pointless debates, his Spy 101 prowess, his emphatic chest bumps, and his mad dance moves. J-Money, a conservative TIPster, was a member of East 09's unofficial trinity of conservatism (Fat Tony Giovanniā€Ž and were the other two).

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On Marriage

He was quoted by Deborah Liu as saying "I don't believe in sex before marriage, and I don't believe in marriage", leading many TIPsters to conclude that he did not believe in sex. Although this quote was faulty (he was arguing that marriage should be removed from the legal system and left to the churches, and that the government should start up its own marriage/civil union program that would be left open to any couple but that would remain separate from church marriage. The premarital sex comment was based on the current system), it was used when several TIPsters were interviewed by a and were asked about morals.

Marketplace One

He was a member of the Fouranger team in Pentaforce and participated in the first-ever Marketplace One.

Fouranger or J-Money and the Funky Bunch?

J-Money was an integral part of Peter and Molly's superRAG during Pentaforce. His quick wit and intellect proved to push the Fourangites over the top. If it weren't for J-Money, Fouranger would've doubtlessly failed in their quest to complete the quintaquiche. In a related story, two young, precocious, and awe-stricken J-Money supporters, Patrick Russell and Danny Richey, timidly suggested that their superRAG be named J-Money and the Funky Bunch. Alas, J-Money, in a fit of humility, rejected the request. However, the name has lived on, both in TiP lore and in a facebook group devoted to J-Money and his followers (tentatively referred to as the Funky Bunch).