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Jesse Zhang was TiPster starting on the summer of 2013. He went to a few different campuses: Trinity University (2013), Duke East (2014).

Campus Reviews

Trinity University

Overview: Trinity is the place to be. Located in San Antonio, Texas, Trinity University is one of the best campuses there is.

Dorms: 4 star hotel. That is all I have to say. The Trinity dorms (named Prassel) featured key card locks, AC (not the window mounted kind), a balcony, a microwave, a mini-fridge, legit bathrooms (1 bathroom per 2 rooms), 2 beds (XL twin sized), carpeted floors, and a massive 2 person desk. Compared to some of the other dorms at other campuses, Trinity dorms are like heaven.

Food: Food is also spectacular. The cafeteria (named Mabee)

Product Review

"Literally the chillest and realest friend you could ever have. Always funny and will make you laugh at anything. 10/10 would definitely roommate again. <3" - Carl Wolff (2013 Trinity Roommate)

"So chill" -Alex (2014 RAGmate)

"Jesse had a hard D, and was part of the team Hard D. He came up with a chant called "Give them the D(fense)"" -the bomb