Jessica Zhang

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Trinity University II Mock Trial Prassel Hall Breanne Jess copenhaver

Jessica was a tipster at Trinity Term 2 2012. Her roommate was Jess copenhaver. and her suitemates were and Rachel. and . Just kiddinggggg! But was in her room so much that it basically was her room too! Jessica had a barbie on her door nametag! Actually there were two door nametags that said Jessica on their door because Jess's real name was Jessica too! Whoa!!!!!!

Jessicas RC was Breanne. Breanne's group did an AMAZING tipsynch dance to Cant touch this! This was choreographed by [[Maddy. They won second place!!

jESSICA WAS VERY good at arm wrestling. and tennis. and mercy. owwwwww jessica once played we are the champions on her violin for patricia. it was very good. jessica also taught patricia how to say food in chinese. chida! Jessica is also a sleepyyyyy headdddd. Patricia would come down at 7:50 errrday to go to breakfast, but Jessica would be alseep zzzzzzzzz. And jess would always have a little shower cap on. And sometimes Jess would even have a robe on!1!!1! On Sunday mornings, Patricia would go into Jessicas room. Jessica would be writing in her journal (which she told Patricia that she could read but Patricia never got to:() and Jess would be listening to music and reading magazines. Borrrrrrrinnnnnnnnng. After Patricia told them to go do something, they went out to the porch and revealed a SECRET (which Patricia already knew but whatverrr. btw Patricia knew EVERYTHING;))

Jessica was in Mock TRial.Bestclass everRR. in the last trial Jessica was an awesome attorney. but she was wearing Jess's suit jacket! Which Patricia wanted to wear for her trial but sadly didnt. Jessica was also a witness. She played Happee tipster! She was very happy. Her hair was in pigtails (courtesy of Maddy) and her voice was very happy. Her voice was so happy that some people even laughed at her voice cuz it made them so happy!

Jessica also had a lot of water bottles. Once Patricia stole a water bottle. Jessica was also a very good person because she recycled those water bottles. One day after class, Maddy, Jess, Jessica, and Patricia took those empty recycled water bottles and played Boston Baseball with an umbrella. (Only a few people know why this was played and since it is very secretive information, it will not be revealed over the internet)

Jessica, Jess, and Maddy also went into Jess's and Jessica's room once to talk about racism and teach Patricia bad words. It was very scarring for Patricia.



Jessica was known for her unnecessary cussing and for her tough girl attitude.