Kris shelyukh

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About Her

A second year tipster, shes russian and mildly scary. The way to get to her is to delete all her apps.Initiated the creation of the legendary group chat by stating "I'm bored get me people" to Louanne Hood. This legendary iMessage chat has reached over thirty people at once because everyone keeps removing themselves from it. She is from Russia which makes her seem even more scary but being honest shes lowkey a marshmellow. Also Krithan must never die.

First year- Trinity Term 2- Mocktrial

Was in a relationtip with Ethan Saffold which everyone called Krithan because Louanne Hood started calling it that.Sharpened a butter knife with a nail file and harrassed people with it. Known friends: Louanne Hood, Margaret Laprarie(so sorry if I misspell your name), Ethan Saffold

Second year- East Term 1- Microeconomics

Was in a reltiontip with Ricky, which was very cringe because Krithan is for life. Was voted most likely to fall asleep in class by the microeconomics class and most likely to buy a whole chicken by her rag