Mai Allison

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Mai Allison, also known as "Mai-sus", is a tip legend. Mai went to Davidson Term 1 2013 where she took Creative Writing and met the best Poptarts in the entire world. She was in Aine's RC group, and roomed with Maddie, who was from Chicago. At Davidson she also met her one true love, Maggie Snyder. At Davidson, Mai had bright red hair and was in a relationtip with some kid named like Nathaniel or something. She was a huge babe. For her second year, Mai went to Duke East Term 1 2014, met the Katertots and took Big Screen Little Screen (the class that was obsessed with eggs, Sherk, and the Bee Movie). Mai's hair was not as bright red, but still a source of envy to all who gazed upon it. She was half of #Grai, the flyest ship in existence, until tragically her marriage certificate washed off of her arm. She roomed with Maggie Ryals (and lived next door to her one true love). Mai was still really hot and had real-life-authentic doc martens, and basically the best taste in music of anyone who has ever existed. She and her roomate, Maggie 2, soon became really close. They spent much of their time watching my little pony and eating Thai food. She and Maggie 1 also watched Karla together, because they shared a profound attraction for Misha Collins. She also wrote a super-awesome screenplay for Big Screen Little Screen. Mai was infamous for dressing as Jesus Christ for the Decades and Frozen dances, and proceeding to get in between couples, exclaiming "make room for Jesus!". Jordy was a little too entertained by this, and soon they were going around terrorizing tipsters, making them behave in a more tippropriate manner Everyone soon referred to Mai as Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. She borrowed Haylee peters's camo bible, Carina Masuelli's flower crown and Maggie Snyder's red rosary beads, and recited bible verses for all to hear. The RAG took photos on June 27th of The Last Supper, with Mai as the star. This is how she got her title of "Mai-sus", met her 12 disciples (Kate's RAG!), and was granted the title of 2015's exorcist.