Native Threads

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Native Threads is a charming little shop on Ninth Street, targeting mainly hippies. It's a excellent place to go to purchase cool handbags, leftist bumper stickers, Amsterdam hooker pants (best split with friends), heinously hideous hats (such as the ones Jack and our lovely site mod Timmy wore for the entirety of East II 2005), and other cute little trinkets which you may regret buying later. Oogle much, buy little is an excellent strategy, as its goods can be pricy. Incense is a somewhat popular cheap purchase, but don't buy it when with an authority figure; it's on the list of banned items, and while getting it back won't be overly hard, it will be a distraction from drama. Native Threads smells of pot, and is hard to bear for people with allergies. The 2007 Term I Alspaugh "We Got Knives" incident was triggered by knives bought from Native Threads.