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We've all noticed at one point or another that people are different. I know, it was a surprise to me too, but we all have the few traits about us that make us tick a special way. Nerds are no exception, in fact we happen to be the ones with the widest variety of personalities over any other group of people. Makes sense, does it not? So here they are, all of the stereotypical nerds who you can each form an embodiment of in you head with a TIPster or two.

IMPORTANT: This is, like most of TIPwiki, all in fun and informative. Please, don't say anything distastefully derogatory about any type of person or individual themselves. Accept your fellow nerd. Just have fun with it!


With as many personalities as there are TIPsters, here are a few that define the people who matter, who don't, those who we can't stand, those who seem to gravitate to, and everything in between. Enjoy:

  • THE Tipster: We all know this person. In fact it's in all of us in one shape or form. We all have a deep love and affection for TIP, even if there are those who act like they'd rather be somewhere else.
  • Anointed TIPster: This is almost always a 4th year who is given a title by a past 4th year that embodies TIP to the fullest. He/she are active in everything they do, and he/she are leaders who do the greatest deeds to TIP. Here are some example of Titles - Llama Momma, Pimp Robe, Watercolors Disc, Shazam hat, Brother Bear, Koala Brotha...
  • Momma Tipster: This is the girl who knows everyone, is chill to hang with anyone, most likely a 4th year, and usually has some type of trade. This includes candy, clothing, make-up, inside jokes, MEN!, dating advice, past TIP stories, etc.
  • Daddy TIPster: Much like the Momma, he knows everyone, he keeps everyone in tradition, he makes everyone laugh, he makes one feel good when down, and everyone hugs him at dances. He aslo takes care of everyone.
  • TIPStoryteller: A person who can recall a lifetime worth of stories on the spot, and can even create TIP lore if you give them the right kind of motivation. A very important TIPster indeed, they help give Green Lanyards goals to reach: to be forever be contained in stories passed on every year.
  • TIP King: A leader who can be a douche but is really cool and awesome. You don't want to be on they're bad side only because it's a conversation that could be used on other, more pressing issues.
  • TIP Jester: A person who makes people laugh and gives people smiles. The funny man, the class clown.
  • Mr. TIPster Jock: he's the one you throw the frisbee to. Great assets in physical activities, they usually are loud, proud, and make you jealous with they're abilities. That's when you destroy them in arithmetic and writing assignments xP
  • TIP loner: these are the quiet ones. BE CAREFUL! You don't know what they're up to. They can be the best roommates because they listen, and always be a friend, because sometimes the become homesick, and a homesick TIPster is not a TIPster at all.
  • TIP Moses: A traditional TIPster that makes everyone aware of the required rituals of TIP and feels all the emotions of TIP. TIP Moses is just as much a leader as TIP King, and holds all of the traditions sacred.
  • Music Tipster: A tipster that always has their iPod and speakers with them. They start dance parties wherever they go and always suggest music for the dances.
  • The True Blue Tipster: A Tipster who is utterly and completely devoted to TIP. These Tipsters usually are hyperactive and attempt to meet as many people as humanly possible in three weeks and force fun on people in whatever activity is going on at the moment, be it a dance, an activity, or just a really rousing card game. True Blue Tipsters can usually be heard claiming many extreme things when the matter of TIP is brought into conversation, such as "Tip is my actual home. (insert state here) is just a place that I happen to spend 49 weeks of the year on forced vacation" or "Aside from two or three, I would trade my friends in (insert state here) for Tipsters any day". If possible, the True Blue Tipster would wear clothes made entirely from neon colored lanyards. (i.e. Emma Pederson)


Despite the differences we all have fundamentally, we do all go through phases, even at camp. From different years, to different weeks, sometimes one day we'll be everyone's best friend, and the next we'll want everyone just to stay away. The phases shortlist: