Reese’s RAG

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Reese’s RAG (aka YERP) was a second and third year RAG at Duke East Term 1 2018. They lived on the first floor of Pegram.


YERP, dating back to the first night of the term, was a mysterious word of power introduced by the wise Reese and subsequently adopted by the entire RAG.


Liam - always with Joseph

Joseph - always with Liam

Vladimir - hardline communist and dedicated YERPer

Rohan - vanishes on Sundays

Sebastian/Daddy/TwoEyes - pops up and stays in random places even after it ends

Rigel - so awesome that he markets PIMPs

Andrew - always in Bassett and great-grandson of James B Duke

Nico - probably won't make it before the end of TiP

AC - phat baller

Nathaniel - guy with the most hair products

Jason - ninja

- know-it-all and lanyard swapper

Nathaniel and Jason were the only second years in the RAG.

End of Term

Last RAG meeting was amnesty night, so we all lectured Rohan on how to respect women.

Fun Facts

No fun facts, we're too cool for them.


Sebastian was the only guy who couldn't be found at meetings. The common room was messed up every night, so they had to clean it all up the following morning.

I took her to the penthouse

and then I freaked it


They were a pretty homogeneous RAG full of people with similar traits and personalities. Their buddy RAG was Andy's RAG. They were probably the most TiPpropriate of all RAGS in Pegram, scoring the highest on the Rice Purity Test.