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Sabrina Schrier was a 4th year- 4th year as of Term 1 2016. She attended Wake Forest Term 1 2013, Davidson Term 2 2014, West Term 1 2015, and East Term 1 2016.

Wake Forest Term 1 2013

Sabrina took Speculative Fiction her first year and greatly enjoyed it. She wrote a story about a platypus in Ancient Greece. Her roommate was Julia Lasater. The two were surprised to find out they had the same birthday. She was in Chloe's RAG. Her class superlative in the termbook was "most likely to become a Jedi Master."

Davidson Term 2 2014

Her second year, Sabrina took Shakesperience: From the Page to the Stage (Davidson). Her roommate was Chloe Singleton and the two bonded quickly. She was in Lucy's RAG. At the beginning of the term, Sabrina was incredibly shy and mostly avoided social interaction in favor of writing in her notebook; however, through the collective efforts of her RAG and her class, she became more comfortable with people as the term went on. Her RAGmate Hailey Batista often remarked that "the turtle finally came out of her shell." She turned 15 during the term and her father ordered a cake for her, which she happily shared with her RAG. She played a Frozen-obsessed Juliet in her class skit "Get to Know Your War", and read a sonnet she wrote at the Talent Show. Her class superlative in the termbook that year was "most likely to land a job singing only in Shakespearian".

West Term 1 2015

For her third year, Sabrina took Ethics in Science Fiction. Her roommate was Grace "Lizzie" Mueller. She was in Cathy's RAG and was reunited with her former roommate Julia. She was in the Talent Show as a backup dancer to Grace Vidlak's "Snail Song". On her class termbook page, she was deemed "most likely to write everything down." On her RAG page, she was voted "most likely to purchase fake blood".

East Term 1 2016

Sabrina took Writing to Change the World her fourth and final year. She was roommates with Brooke Waller and she was in in Hannah's RAG. It is worth mentioning that her brother Lucas (a 2nd year) attended East this year as well (he took Macroeconomics). Sabrina was reunited with several friends from her first year, including Nancy-Kate Phillipi, Kieran Jacobson, Grace Szymkiewicz, and Anna Platt. Despite this being her first and only year at East, Sabrina was welcomed by her fellow 4th years, most of whom had been at East for the past couple years. She was known for always being positive and sweet to whomever she met. She will also be remembered as a mom friend, due to the fact that she always carried pens, stickers, band-aids, and cough drops just in case (she sometimes carried snacks too). After "Doggy doggy doggy" was shut down, she handed out puppy stickers to her fellow 4th years as a symbol of rebellion. She was the biggest contributor to her class quote wall, which is why the class voted for her to keep it. She made many people emotional at the Talent Show with her spoken word poem about her TIP experience. In the termbook, her class voted her "most likely to write on the quote wall like she's running out of time" and her RAG deemed her "most likely to have the best snacks at RAG meetings".

Fun Facts

  • She's a Hufflepuff.
  • She's a lesbian.
  • She loves Hamilton.
  • Her adopted son is Peter Gado. She has an official mom certificate written in four languages on a paper napkin to prove it.
  • According to Mac Caldero, Ashley Williamson, and Jake Fitzgerald, her compliments are smoother than all the guys'.
  • She was known in her RAG for making terrible puns to mess with her RC Hannah. The most memorable instance involved her holding up a box of Oreos and saying "Hannah, look what I bought! Oreo happy for me?"
  • She took part in the Haiku Slam during Quadfest her fourth year.
  • At East, she won a Rock Paper Scissors tournament.


"If you make a sandwich, and the sandwich kills a bunch of people..."

"Hey baby, are you my lanyard? 'Cause I need you on me at all times."

"Do you want/need a cough drop/ water bottle/ band-aid/ sticker/ marshmallow?"

"No reGregs."

"Do you want a puppy sticker as a quiet symbol of rebellion?"

"You're fantastic/amazing/beautiful/a star."

"Everyone here is so attractive, it's too much for my little gay heart."

"It's easier to be nice when you're surrounded by amazing people."

Fourth Year Will

I, Sabrina Schrier, being of punny mind and awkward body, hereby bequeath the following to: Hannah, terrible puns; Lindsay, balloons; Sarah, Bounderby; Leah, death/pink; Ashley and Mac, flirting skills; Sam, "Samexander Hamilton"; Huxley, Jared, Gracie, Miranda, Evan, and Cody, "A Day in the Life of an RC: A Commentary on Modern Fascism", Justin, all paper airplanes; Talls, eyeliner; Nugget, cuddles and love; Writing to Change the World, quote wall and #noreGregs; Kieran, Grace, Anna, and Nancy-Kate, Spec Fic memories; 4th years, friendship and cute stickers; my brother Lucas, the hope that your TIP experience is as amazing as mine