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AKA Baby kitty (due to her being the daughter of Helena), Sophia Longbottom, the First Lady (due to relationtip with el Presidente Ragan), Calculator Girl (due to an incident involving "crunching some numbers")and Mommy Longlegs.

Known for:

  • Wearing her heels on Wacky Tacky Day (lol why is the ground getting closer?)
  • Rejecting a dance proposal from Jack via chalk writing on the sidewalk.
  • Constantly being hit by flying projectiles (ex: frisbees, footballs, people...ect,.)
  • Creating the concept of extreme yoloing
  • Being aimed at during frisbee practice on break time for the specific purpose of hitting her in the head
  • Making drinks out of the leftovers at meal times and placing them on the tables of other RC groups.
  • Having story time with Morgan (Shortie) in which the stories usually involved squirrels, ocean squirrels, guns, and tree stumps
  • Raves during free-time
  • Awkward faces at inappropriate times
  • rolling with the homies
  • group ukeleleing
  • Captain of team Thunderpussies (Thundercats) in 2014

Confirmed Amandic

was at Duke West in 2013 term 2 in the Forensic Science class

was at Duke West in 2014 term 2 in the Neuroscience class