Sean's Monarchs

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Not often is one term of Duke TiP graced with a group of astoundingly stellar young men under one amazing RC. However, on the 12th of June, 2011, fourteen tipsters did the impossible at Duke West...

History of a legend

It started when a few of the earlier members of Sean's rag were sitting outside of the main quad. They decided that the best way to live at TiP would be to form brotherly bonds within the RC group. Later that day, just before orientation, Connor suggested the group don themselves the "Monarchs" as he majestically waved his hands in the form of a butterfly. The name and the gesture stuck like glue for the rest of the term. Only, thirteen of Sean's men were originally Monarchs; Ryan was late on account of his having to save his aeroplane from crashing. He was inducted later, though he was allegedly a member of the "Office Posse" as well.

Under the undeniably amazing leadership of RC Sean Fortney, these guys succeeded at literally everything for the next three weeks. They were the most chill people to ever walk the face of the Earth, for starters. They helped lead the red team to a landslide victory in Quadfest. After DEMOLISHING RC Sam's rag in laser tag, the girls were to pick up the Monarchs' dinner trays for one week. However, some of the guys were proper gentlemen and actually took the girls's trays as well as their own on some days. Sean Courtney's Superfly, Heart-Breaking, Dream-Making, Motley Sons of Jesus valiantly took on all of the Frisbee teams and was the only team to seize victory over the staff. Sean C. and Josh successfully emceed the Talent Show, much to the delight of everyone. The Monarchs made up more than 90% of the Sexy train. They also made good friends with most of the TiP community, including the staff, who are really awesome to talk to. In fact, several of them had personal fan clubs and stalkers. Overall, they accomplished exponentially more than your garden variety RC group. Not a sweat was broken.

Of course, the Monarchs wouldn't have been so incredibly super without the guidance of the great Sean Fortney. Sean's words of wisdom led to many revelations in things such as beatboxing, sandwich making, and the "Three" rules. Sean also made sure his group was nothing if not gentlemen. Whenever one of his guys would utter a profane word, that Monarch would dress up fancy for class the next day. Sean was in charge of everything awesome at TiP.


Thomas Anzalone

Ryan Bakerman

Duncan Brocklehurst

Sean Courtney

Mitchell Freedman

Johnnie Kim

Joshua Lafond-Favieres

Bannor Patterson

Andrew Peters

Connor Singrey

George Smith

J.P. Smith

Barry Snyder

Greg Wagner