The Crown of the Revolución

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The Crown of the Revolución is a (currently unofficial) relic at Duke East that will be passed down every year to a rising fourth year.


The crown came into the possession of its first wearer Karlyn Simcox through Jack Bryan who gifted it to her after it was used in a PCULT recreation of Macbeth. She immediately took a fancy to wearing it around campus that week, notably at the staff v. students frisbee game which was regretfully rained out that year. Kiri Ashley also liked its feel, and it was a point of discussion for a while of whether the crown could be added to the persona of The Pimp Robe, but ultimately this was decided against. After this, the crown was laid to rest in Karlyn's room for a good portion of the remaining term. However, its day would soon come again when Michelle Hill, Karlyn's beloved third year RC and fourth year RHL, was forced to leave campus for reasons unbeknownst and unexplained to Michelle and her tipsters alike. Karlyn, Lizzie Wright, and Hailey Batista were absolutely devastated by this news, especially since this all occurred on their second to last day as tipsters, and they were unable to even say goodbye to Michelle before she was forced to leave campus. In the midst of their grief, the golden trio decided that Michelle and all she stood for in TIP and the wider world had to be commemorated , and the crown was the first thing to come to Karlyn's mind. The three of them along with Ani Bryce approved of her decision to give the crown to Robert Kane, a third year at the time, to be passed down for years to come.


While the crown was founded with Michelle at the forefront, it symbolizes a much broader meaning. The wearer is meant to be someone who represents the true spirit of TIP and is not afraid to stand up for its values in a way that is conducive to campus wide prosperity, especially in the case of fourth years and traditions. The name of the crown itself comes from 2017 fourth year quad fest planning during which the fourth years wanted to use "Viva la Revolución" as their chant and were gunned down by admin at the last minute, leaving them to improvise with the party flute edition of My Heart Will Go On. With this title in mind, the crown is unique from other relics in that it is meant to encourage the diversity and strength of wise resistance and knowing the difference between this and what is not noble. In addition, the wearer is responsible for being a positive presence around campus that will always be optimistic for the future of Tip while remaining conscious of progress left to be made. Overall, the crown is meant to preserve the true values of Tip and keep the old wonder and magic of the program alive.

Past Wearers

Year Owner
2017 Karlyn Simcox (jointly with the Golden Trio)
2018 Robert Kane