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A TiP wedding is the union of two people, most often of the same gender, by a TiP rabbi or minister. The weddings mostly take place in the Pegram commons. It should be noted that TiPfully wedded couples are in no way, shape, or form less available for RelationTIPs

The First TiP Wedding

The first TiP wedding took place on Sunday, July 15th in the Pegram commons (East Term II 2006). The wedding was between Maggie and Hanna, with Eliot as their TiP rabbi. Hanna has grown 2 cup sizes since the event and now considers herself too good for poor Maggie...

Later TiP Weddings

The next TiP wedding took place at the Great Hall June 23rd 2013. This wedding was between Maddie T. and Nathan Rowe. Kyle Dzwonkowski was the priest along with Ellen Hughes (or DeGeneres). They consummated their love with a TiPpropiate side hug. They will now precede to have 2 kids and live in this swaggin wagon. Rigel and Mitchell's TiP wedding happened on Statue Quad at East on July 20, 2015. Shawn the RC was the minister, Tulley was the flower girl, and one Maria the RC made a beautiful reading from This Love by the prophet Tay Sway. They exchanged RingPops.

TiPfully Wedded Couples

The following people have been wed:

  • Maggie and Hanna
  • Thor and Will
  • Alexis and Devin
  • Rigel and Mitchell