We got smokes

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A play on the Duke East East Term 1 2007 now infamous "Alspaugh Knife incident," this page was created to remember the cigarette smoking/ questioning extravaganza that took place at East Term 1 on Pegram second floor (Brown dorm was under construction, leading the TiP faculty to put the 3rd years in Pegram instead of Brown.)

In the first week of the term, a smell reminiscent of incendiary devices wafted from second floor Pegram. Over the next few days, countless interrogations took place, including a night where all 16 members of 's G.O.A.T. rag were questioned at once in Kelly the new OSC's office. Because they could find no evidence of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or any of the other illicit materials that were rumored to be prevalent on Pegram, no one was kicked out, put on lockdown, or had any sort of punishment placed upon them. (Though the only evidence of anything was the circumstantial evidence of cigarette smokes.) While "Alspavgh: We got knives!" is a much better cheer, the Pegram-Smokes debacle is a treasured memory that will not fade from the minds of East Term 1 Pegram 2008 inhabitants. It was Kelly the OSC's initiation into the TiP community.

It was awesome.

edit: It was weed, not cigarettes

edit 2.0: Rumor states that it was both.

edit from someone who knows: there was no weed, although there was a bong for weed and plenty of rolling papers which was used. in addition, the tobacco was used for chewing even after the interrogations. the evidence was all thrown away in the building across from Carr.

edit from somebody who finds it ridiculous that "TIPsters" can't spell the dorm names: Alspaugh has a "u," not a "v." New kids.

edit 3.0 it was both however the person who had dope was not even part of the inquinistion.

WTF why are you new kids so stupid?