Zane Stutzman

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Zane Stutzman
1st year Zane(right) with his relationtip, Gretchen
Campus(es) Kansas University, Rice University
Attended 2014, 2016
Course(s) Introduction to Medical Science b(KU 2014), Infectious Diseases(RU 2016)
RAG(s) Brian's Boys(2014), The Quinntessentialists(2016)
Roommate(s) Cole Strange(2014), Erick Velarde(2016)
Social Media
Zane at a KU Tipunion(left to right: Zane, Maya Preston, Lauren Dudley, Allison Winker, Gretchen Ellis


Zane only has two TiP years under his belt, as of right now. He started as a fetus first year at Kansas University. He started out his term straight to the point on the first day. He stood in the stairwell with a bag of Hershey Kisses and asked anyone who walked by if they wanted a kiss. The only bad thing about that icebreaker was the loss of his candy. He always hung out with Garrett (Gare-bear) and Jared (Sweq-boy). He was wait-listed for his second year, devastatingly. He went to Rice 2016 to continue his TiP career. He created the hoy minoy fascination that spread throughtout the camp. It caused the entire campus to shout "HOY MINOY" constantly and prompted Leo to make a doodlebob mural, in which doodlebob was holding Big Texas. Zane was also Erick Velarde's right-hand man in the Big Texas conflict. Big Texas was founded by Erick Velarde (Zane's roommate). Eventually there was a war and Braden the traitor gave the location of Big Texas to Diamond the Theif. Erick's side got the pencil back and Zane was there for the triumph. Follow Zane on IG - @life.of.zane


  • Big Texas Recovery Force - RU 2016


  • Brian's Boys won first place at TipSync with their performance to "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus
  • Finally recovered Big Texas


  • has a buzzcut
  • sounds like Tyler Joseph
  • looks like Lucas off One Tree Hill
  • makes everyone feel included
  • Hoy minoy
  • the hype guy
  • most likely to invent Mario GO!
  • has crippling depression due to dank memes