Alexis' RC Group

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aka Wildcats. The best RC group ever, during Rice University 2nd Term.


Emily Thompson

Joyce Luo

Kiera DiCesare

Sofia Cosie

Ash Spencer

Mary Matias

Christie Vernon

Katherine Jeng

And of course Alexis Artis, our RC

Inside Jokes

What team? Wildcats!

Whose bum?

Comfort is for LOSERS

Shooting (the dance move) everywhere

Jason Derulo

I hate the environment

PatTHICC and Spongebob

You belong with me

Just vines in general


Yote, yeet

sMol to sWole


"im actually going to combust"



dance parties with 4C

dry shaving in public

mary dance

human goodly

paper bags are good

your mom

that's what she said

sofia lucia cosie

rick astley rejection (ooOf)

tater tot

scoish boi

i have wrists?

christie dance