Ashleigh's Apocalyptic Sunrise

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The Best RC Group of Davidson 2013 Term 2



Famous for creating the Apocalptic Sunrise, a.k.a. the most amazing drink anyone will ever drink, consisting of ice, mello yello, apple juice, and cranberry juice. Shortly after this was created the first week, everyone went crazy trying to copy it, and since then, many variations have been made, such as using strawberry juice instead of cranberry and sprite instead of mello yello, or even making a blue version, which doesnt taste as good as the original.

They were part of the Yellow Team for Summerfest at Davidson, which won because Helen and Naomi decided to be amazing and fall across the finish line for the relay race, and also because Helen and Elaine were the front part of Boat Race that got lost halfway through but still managed to win. They also got second place in the photo scavenger hunt because of Maya and Jeraldo. Maya was the only one who had a TIP sanctioned ID card and a tutu so she was high in demand for pictures for those two items were on the list.

This RC group is also known for the three so called 'sluts' of campus, Maya, Naomi, and Helen, who all were dating members of Chris's RC group at one time. Maya has dated Jason, Razi, and John, while Naomi dated Bryce and Mason. Helen only dated Jack, so she really shouldn't be called a slut, but whatever.

Also known as the RC group with the weird tutu that RC Frank wore at the last formal dance. The tutu, named Jeraldo, was sent to Kate by her mother from New Orleans and Maya gained a strange intrest in it, and on the last week nearly everyone in the RC group wore it.

The order in which the tutu was worn: