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Sustaining TIPsters since the beginning of time

Ben & Jerry's Duke East

Ben & Jerry's is on Ninth Street in Durham, near Duke's East Campus. This is no ordinary Ben and Jerry's. It is the Union away from the Union of TiPsters. Sure, you can always get that cone of Phish Food, or that brownie sundae, but most of its profits during the summer are generated by RAGs, or a large group of friends, taking on the VERMONSTER. 20 scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, bananas, cookies, brownies, and some toppings all covered with four inches of whipped cream. Costing around $40, it's Heaven in a bucket. Or hell, if you eat too much. During Term II 2012 at East on RAG Night, Clayton Delp noticed the letters that Ben and Jerry's posts on their wall, mainly from school groups or little kids about how great the ice cream was. Clayton proceeded to write his own letter about how the ice cream destroyed his marriage, causing his wife to fall in love with his brother, but that it still made him feel better. He inconspicuously taped the letter to the wall. As far as we know, that letter still stands today.

Sadly, in the winter of 2017 the Ben and Jerry's on 9th street closed.


across from the Arch. Classes will often go here at the end of the term.

Duke West

At West, individual pints and smaller sized (3.6oz) tubs can be purchased in the convenience store of the Bryan Center.

Ben & Jerry's Davidson

Located on Main Street across from the CVS, Ben & Jerry's is Davidson's go to destination (besides of course CVS). Every class and RC group takes time to head over to the Ben & Jerry's.

The Ben and Jerry's also houses the infamous Vermonster. Tackled by the few and far between, the brave and courageous, and stupid, yet somehow smart TIPsters. Every year these special TIPsters are drawn to the Ben & Jerry's with their desire to tackle the Vermonster.

Term 2 2012 Architecture class colored all over the chalkboard table