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cacobaserno Okay... it's the list of contact info! If you don't want to be on here... take yourself off! You can put more that your AIM & email if you want, but you don't have to!

I will be moving the data on this page into the DB powered TIP-TAB, but it would be helpful to know which terms these people went to (I don't trust my memory). Any help? Anthony 21:39, 13 January 2006 (MST)

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Duke West

The Term I TiPsters had a message board at However, this was spammed by invading non-TiPsters. The current message board for West T1 is at

Tip Forums


Some Davidson 2005 Term II Tipsters have a message board, here. The 2005 Term I Tipsters have a message board here.

The illustrious 2005 Term 1 Tipsters also have a LiveJournal, available here.

Michael Gordon (RC)